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Country Club Estate
San Rafael, Marin County

This San Rafael garden embraces the classic formality
of the house’s Long Island architecture. Decorative
stone columns mark the entry into the circular motor
court which is flanked by Azaleas, Dogwoods,
Japanese Maples, low Boxwood hedges and a
spectacular flowering Saucer Magnolia. The living
and dining rooms open onto a curved bluestone
terrace in the back garden that flows down broad,
stone steps to a rolling lawn. A path lined with tree
roses leads to a decorative trellis at the pool entry
which is covered with scented, climbing roses. The
pool has an elevated “children’s water play area”
that allows kids and adults to play in water that is
only 18” deep. An adjacent, seat height spa
provides a relaxing place for adults to soothe
aching muscles and still keep an eye on the pool
activities. Evergreen Elms and Brisbane Box trees
screen the neighboring parcels. Gingko trees and a
specimen Copper Beech provide shade, focal points
and seasonal interest in this spacious garden. 10 H Street San Rafael, ca 94901 t 415.491.4480 c 415 602 0511