North San Rafael Promenade
San Rafael, Marin County

Active citizens in north San Rafael visualized their community with improved circulation choices and better developed public lands. The North San Rafael Vision Committee was formed to initiate ideas for the development of the community’s two mile long main thoroughfare, Manual T. Freitas Parkway. With valuable input from the Committee and several community workshops, our firm developed the Vision Promenade Conceptual Plan which proposes safe, new pedestrian and bicycle linkages to revitalized commercial areas, bus stops and improved public lands. The plan weaves new Class II and Class III bike routes, and improved pedestrian ways through public streets, commercial land, residential neighborhoods, public parks, railroad rights-of-way and the Marin County Civic Center. Over the years, many of the new bicycle and pedestrian facilities have been built through commercial property expansions and available funds from the city of San Rafael. 10 H Street San Rafael, ca 94901 t 415.491.4480 c 415 602 0511