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Riverfront Mixed Use Community
Petaluma, Sonoma County

The Riverfront development is a 40 acre mixed use project on the Petaluma River near downtown Petaluma. The project was first conceived in 1999 and was followed by almost two decades of review by federal, state and local planning, water and transportation agencies. The first soil was turned in 2016 and the first buildings are scheduled to be constructed in 2017. The development is comprised of an office building, Marriott hotel, a mixed use building with retail stores and two levels of apartments, 134 single family detached homes, and 40 condominiums. Additionally, the community includes four public parks: the “Active Park” with a soccer field and children’s play area, the “Riverfront Park” with views of the river, jogging paths and seating areas, the Multi-Use (Class 1) bike/pedestrian way and the focal point of the project called the “Central Green.” 10 H Street San Rafael, ca 94901 t 415.491.4480 c 415 602 0511